Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial

You may be able to participate in the LIFT-AD Trial if you:

If you are interested in participating, the trial doctor or staff will review additional trial criteria with you.

Qualified participants will receive the investigational medication and trial-related care at no cost. Participants may be compensated for travel and expenses.

About Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Almost 40% of people will experience some form of memory loss after they turn 65 years old.1
  • Memory, language, and thinking problems may be caused by changes in the brain that are thought to begin at least 20 years before symptoms appear.2
  • Serious memory problems make it hard to do everyday things like driving, using the phone, and finding the way home.3
  • Normal, age-related forgetfulness, like occasionally forgetting which word to use, is not a sign of serious memory loss.3

We need clinical research to find safe and effective treatment options. This is where the LIFT-AD Trial comes in.



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